We give rewards on a regular basis at Perdiswell as we believe in reinforcing positive behaviour. Please see below what your child can earn at our school:

HousepointsChildren are put in one of our houses: Brunel, Curie, Elgar or Seacole. Housepoints are given to the children to reward good behaviour, effort or work. The winners of the week are given an extra five minutes of playtime.
Recognition AwardTwo children are selected from each class. The certificates are awarded to children who have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning, the school values or produced an exemplary piece of work.
Writer of the WeekA child is selected each week for a writer’s certificate which demonstrates great effort in handwriting, presentation or choice of vocabulary.
Principal AwardA Principal’s Gold sticker is awarded to children who have produced an outstanding piece of work and shown great improvement.
Home AwardsIf your child has achieved anything special outside of school, then please send them in with the award or note describing their achievement. This is commonly in Brownies, Cubs, sports clubs, swimming, gymnastics, dance, Reading Challenges, martial arts… We will present them with the award in assembly and give them a Principal’s gold sticker.
Positive Contribution CertificateAny child demonstrating an exceptional contribution to the school community, for example producing a newspaper or organising a fundraising event will receive a gold Principal’s certificate.
Lunchtime AwardPupils are chosen by dinner supervisors. This tends to be for particularly helpful behaviour.
End of Year 6 AwardsThere are fourteen cups that are awarded to the best students in those areas. These are within academic, sport, arts and social facets of education and represent consistency over the student’s time at Perdiswell.
PraiseThis is often the most important to a child and the easiest to do. Regular praise sets expectations and is a reinforcement of positive efforts and behaviour.